Brown-breasted Kingfisher


Photo by Rodrigo Layug

You might hear the Brown-breasted Kingfisher’s loud stuttering whistle before you see it. This is one of the largest kingfishers around Lilok Farm and it isn’t a bird that cares too much about hiding – it likes to announce its presence!

The Brown-breasted Kingfisher, like the Spotted Wood Kingfisher we talked about before, is a member of the tree kingfisher group. That means that it likes to sit in trees and other high places, whether they are near water or not. However, unlike the Spotted Wood Kingfisher it is still most often associated with water, so the river down below Sakahong Lilok is the best place to find it.

Brown-breasted Kingfisher near the river at Lilok Farm
Brown-breasted Kingfisher near the river at Lilok Farm

But they might show up along the road, on top of a building, looking out over a field, or any other spot where they have a nice perch to sit on and space to hunt for food.

Brown-breasted Kingfisher perched at Lilok Farm

Where do they live?

The Brown-breasted Kingfisher can be found in any open country with perches to hunt from.

What do they eat?

They eat fish, frogs, crabs, insects, snails, small lizards, small snakes, mice, and sometimes even smaller birds or bats! Can you tell what this one is eating?

Photo by Tim Cameron

Are they dangerous?

No, the Brown-breasted Kingfisher is not dangerous at all.

Are they in danger?

It appears to be doing well for now.

What is their scientific name and classification?

The Brown-breasted Kingfisher is scientifically known as Halcyon gularis. It is a member of the Kingfisher family, small brightly-colored birds which often live near water and like to hunt for fish.

Some photos of Brown-breasted Kingfishers from around the Philippines

If you watch a Brown-breasted Kingfisher for long enough, you might get to see it go for some food. What technique does it use to find food? What technique does it use to catch the food once it finds it?

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