Spotted Wood Kingfisher

male Spotted Wood Kingfisher Actenoides lindsayi piskador kasay-kasay sakahang lilok farm tanay near manila philippines
male Spotted Wood Kingfisher from forested section of Lilok Farm

The Spotted Wood Kingfisher is a beautiful bird that can be seen in the tree-planted area of Lilok Farm.

Kingfishers (called “piskador” or “kasay-kasay”) get their name because they like to fish. But the Spotted Wood Kingfisher is special – it is the only kingfisher that doesn’t live near the water. Instead of hunting fish in the water, it hunts animals and small insects in the forest – that’s why it’s called a “wood” kingfisher.

Female Spotted Wood Kingfishers look very different from the males. While the male kingfisher’s head has beautiful blue and red marks, the female kingfisher has a pretty green color instead.

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