Yellow-vented Bulbul

© Pauline Carmel Joy Eje

An ode to bulbuls

© Tim Cameron

The Yellow-vented Bulbul is a common bird

© Jon Hakim

Here at Lilok its song is often heard

© Pauline Carmel Joy Eje

From trees, power lines, or up in the air

© Mark Rosenstein

they are sometimes alone but quite often a pair

© Mark Rosenstein

Dark crest on their head straight up ajuts

© Linda Walsh

And a bright yellow “vent” (we call it a butt)

© Tim Cameron

Often you’ll see them eat berries and shoots

© Tim Cameron

Or contently picking at the softest fruits

© Pauline Carmel Joy Eje

On occasion they may even consume a flower

© Yvonne Burch

But we all know you need bugs for power

Where do Yellow-vented Bulbuls live?

Yellow-vented Bulbuls tend to be found in open habitats, such as scrub, thickets, agriculture, cities, parks, and open forest.

What do they eat?

They eat berries, fruits, nectar, and insects.

Are they dangerous?

Not in the least.

Are they in danger?

No, they are a common bird with a wide range that appears to do well in places with human presence.

What is their scientific name and classification?

The scientific name of the Yellow-vented Bulbul is Pycnonotus goiavier. It is a member of the Bulbul family, medium-sized songbirds which tend to make quite a bit of noise with varying levels of quality.

Juvenile Yellow-vented Bulbul (© Nina Lester Finley)

Have you heard the Yellow-vented Bulbul’s call? Some people say that it is very difficult to describe. How would you describe it?

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