Tokay Gecko (Tuko!)

tokay gecko gekko lilok tanay rizal philippines
Tokay Gecko hiding in the dorm room

The Tuko is not the most visible resident of Tanay, though it certainly is loud! During the day they like to hide where you can’t see them, and even at night they avoid the lights.

But no matter where you are, around the clock you can hear their “TU-KO TU-KO” calls.

When you’re not looking, the Tuko is busy eating up cockroach, beetle, mice, and any other pests that live in and around the Sakahang Lilok buildings. They will eat just about anything that fits into their mouth – so don’t grab one, or it might chomp down on your finger next!

Tokay Geckos seen at Lilok Farm at night

Where do they live?

The Tokay Gecko can be found on buildings and trees in forested areas, anywhere off the ground with a good enough hiding place. Sometimes you might even see them right inside the Lilok buildings!

What do they eat?

They will eat insects, spiders, mice, and smaller lizards.

Are they dangerous?

The Tokay Gecko is not venomous, but it has a strong bite and will hurt a lot if it grabs your finger.

Are they in danger?

Tokays used to be very common across Asia, but poachers have caught large numbers to sell in the pet trade or for Chinese traditional medicine. Fake claims that eating the dried tuko can cure HIV or diabetes has led to millions of them being caught and killed. Imagine millions of living creatures killed for a fraud! As a result the Tokay Gecko is now listed as endangered in China, their numbers have dropped in Thailand and Myanmar, and they are becoming a threatened species in the Philippines.

Thankfully, they are still found across southeast Asia from Nepal and northeast India all the way east to Indonesia and New Guinea.

What is their scientific name and classification?

The Tokay Gecko (or Tuko) is scientifically known as Gekko gecko. They are members of the gecko family, which are a group of lizards that have soft skin, flat heads and bodies, and can often climb on walls.

Some Tokay Geckos seen in other countries

Have you seen a Tuko? Tell us what you saw in the comments!

1 thought on “Tokay Gecko (Tuko!)

  1. Yes we have got one that dines on small lizzards on our Terrace in Pola , Oriental Mindoro, 500mm at least , very few small lizzards about our house now , we have seen it 3times now , so think it is,resident


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